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6 Steps: Protect Your Pool from Freezing Temperatures

freezing ice

There are really two pieces to this blog: dealing with cold when you still have electricity, and after the power goes out. Obviously a power out & below freezing scenario is the worst, but there are steps you can take to help ensure that your pool doesn’t get damaged.

  1. Filtration System: Always keep the filtration pump and jet pumps running. Ideally, your freeze protection will activate the pump when temperatures dip below freezing. Be aware: direct sunlight can sometimes deceive the freeze guard into believing temperatures are warmer, potentially shutting off the pump. If this occurs, manually restart the pump.
  2. Dealing with Ice: It’s important to break ice forming on your pool or spa surfaces to keep the skimmers and their doors ice-free. If keeping them clear becomes impossible, gently remove the skimmer doors, ensuring no harm to the skimmers.
  3. Water Levels: The water should consistently be maintained at the mid-tile level. A reduced water level can cause air intake through skimmers, enhancing the potential of freeze damage to the equipment.
  4. Backwash Caution: During severe cold, avoid backwashing. The filter pressure gauges might freeze, leading to false readings.
  5. Heating Protocols: Refrain from using the heater in extreme cold unless it was operational before temperatures fell.
  6. Jet Adjustment: Modify the position of the pool and spa jets upwardly to limit surface freezing.

Handling Power Failures in Freezing Conditions

  1. Switch off all pool equipment’s circuit breakers.
  2. Open the filter’s air bleed valve. Use warm water if it’s frozen to remove ice.
  3. Drain the pumps, keeping the drain plugs in the pump basket and then loosely place the lid back.
  4. Remove winterizing plugs from the heater and store in the pump basket.
  5. Unplug the filter drain.
  6. Detach the chlorinator tubing and its lid.
  7. To prevent ice in the skimmer, position a half-filled one-liter plastic bottle inside. This counteracts freeze expansion.
  8. Make sure water returns to the pool by setting all valves accordingly.
  9. Shield undrained pipes using electric heating strips from hardware shops.
  10. For insulation, cover heaters with electronic ignitions using a blanket. Always uncover before usage.

Warranty and Policy Information

Be aware: Damage from freezing and the subsequent repairs aren’t included in typical homeowners’ policies or builders’ & manufacturers’ warranties. Proper winterization of all pool components is essential to safeguard your investment.

Preventative Measures for the Winter

  1. Operate all filtration, fountain, and spa booster pumps non-stop during freezing conditions.
  2. Adjust all valves to guarantee minimal flow through pipes above ground.
  3. Without an anti-siphon valve, open the sight glass faucet to drain the backwash line.
  4. Regularly clean skimmer and pump baskets.
  5. To maintain optimal flow, clean the filter, especially in winter.
  6. Disconnect, drain, and blow out all fill and slide lines to remove water.
  7. Ensure all leaks, both air and water, are fixed.
  8. Store your testing kit in a place free from freezing.
  9. Keep pool accessories in a dry, safe spot after removing them.

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