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With a Clear Impressions Premium Membership, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is which swimsuit to wear. If you’re reading this, it is because you live in one of very few exclusive areas that are eligible to take advantage of the best comprehensive maintenance plan in Texas. What makes this opportunity the best in Texas? 

First, you get all of the following, for free, when you pre-pay for one year of pool service with Clear Impressions.

  1. Free Robotic Cleaner ~AND~ 100′ of new Mastic. ($4,000 Value)
  2. Free New Client Onboarding ($350 Value)
  3. Free Filter Cleanings ($600 Value)
  4. Free Mineral Treatments ($500 Value)
  5. Free 1-hr Diagnostic ($150 Value)
  6. Free $250 in Repairs

By simply hiring the best pool care company in the Universe, you will receive up to $5,850 in total value in addition to your weekly service, with $5,250 being delivered within the first 14 days of service.

Second, your pool will be maintained by a highly qualified and trained team of Certified Pool Operators using the highest quality products and tools. Clear Impressions has a unique philosophy when it comes to customer service. Our technicians will spend an average of 1-3 hours at your pool every single week* to ensure that your water looks like soft liquid glass. Our water balance technique paired with our mineral treatments and dedication to unparalleled quality of service virtually guarantees new client amazement. You’re going to love the way your pool looks after hiring Clear Impressions.

Third, communication and relationships are key. Every week your technician will text you before arriving. After the service, you’ll receive a detailed email about the services rendered. The Clear Impressions team is always available to talk to you on the phone or text if you have any questions.

If you would like more helpful information, check out our informative blog HEREor you can listen to Pool Guy Podcast here.

*Just like you, our Technicians want to be home for Christmas. We happily give them that opportunity. You may not receive service during the week of Christmas.

A limited offer: Available until Oct 23, or until sold out.

Incredible value & quality: a unique combination

Wondering how Clear Impressions can deliver such an incredibly high value so quickly while maintaining 5-star reviews? Don’t worry, our competitors are wondering too. 

Our success is due to the fact that we only offer this all-inclusive service to a very limited number of clients. Once we have sold out, this offer will be unavailable at any price. This allows us to ensure the highest level of quality for each and every client.

Call or text: 682.204.9898 to find out if any allocations are still available.

Free Robots

We improve your pool starting on day 1. We won't bill you for these robots, they aren't rentals, and we carry all of the maintenance costs. Effectively, this allows us to clean your pool 7-days per week.

Free Mastic

Mastic is a critical component of pool maintenance. That soft seal between your coping and your deck can wear out and allow water to seep in, causing significant structural damage. Clear Impressions will immediately fix this potentially catastrophic problem, for free.

Extreme quality

Your water will look like soft liquid glass all year. Clear Impressions settles for nothing but the best, and neither should you. You've never seen your pool look this good.

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Once you have received your allocation, consultation, and fully engaged with Clear Impressions, our entire team moves to rapidly deliver value.


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